October 25, 2022
Xidas announces the development of integrated microfluidics technology for next generation vaping.

Xidas annouces the development of a suite of integrated microfluidics technologies that can control the dosing of nicotine in a small handheld vape product. The Xidas microflow systems are small and inexpensive enough to be integrated into a consumer vape pod, yet precise and powerful enough to control nicotine delivery at the sub-microgram level. Xidas microfluidic dosing technologies can be controlled digitally by on-board electronics, enabling worry-free control of nicotine delivery during vape sessions. Consumers can preset their nicotine dosing regimen by the session, day, week, or month. Health care partners can work with nicotine consumers to design and track a regimen for a gradual and effective reduction in nicotine addiction.

Initial testing at Xidas Labs, the R&D division of Xidas, has confirmed that nicotine delivery can be reliably and repeatedly controlled in vaping applications. Early data reveals that Xidas microfluidic components can control flows down to 2 nanoliters in 1 millisecond pulses. Resulting nicotine flows can be controlled to under 50 nanoliters per puff.

This breakthrough enables Xidas to solve the single biggest problem in the vape and tobacco market today--the ability to responsibly control nicotine consumption in an easy, automatic way.

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