Xidas CEO, Paul Dhillon, Interviewed by AE²


Jan 06 2020

Serial Entrepreneur Paul Dhillon sits down with the “Artists, Engineers, & Entrepreneurs” podcast to share his story of growing up in London, to building his second tech company in the US. Along the way, Paul shares his insight and gives mentorship to those who are considering making the leap into starting their own company. 


Paul Dhillon (CEO) introduces Xidas’s state-of-the-art micro-device innovations and shares details of Xidas’s underlying technology, industry-first products, and the markets Xidas empowers. 


AE², a long-form interview-style program, explores leaders at the “business end” of companies, creative works, and research. Every artist, engineer, and entrepreneur that has been a part of creating a successful business, small or large, has taken a unique path and has a valuable story to share. But we often only hear stories about how the Elon Musks or Steve Jobs of the world brought their ideas to fruition. While these are valuable narratives, there’s still “unsung heroes” whose stories of creativity, grit, and perseverance that need to be heard. Thus, Artists, Engineers, and Entrepreneurs (AE2) was created, a Web-series from Hiller Measurements shot at our Town Hall studio in Austin, TX, as a platform to tell these stories.

About Xidas

Xidas is a Southern California tech company producing the next-generation of micro-scale solutions for markets such as IoT, Industrial, and Life-tech. Through a powerful miniaturization platform, Amalga™, Xidas has surpassed the limitations of current micro-engineering and manufacturing, allowing the production of products that could not have been built before. For more information, contact us at info@xidas.com