internet of things

Xidas leverages its breakthrough patented technologies and multi-disciplinary expertise to design and produce highly integrated smart modules and sensors for deployment in a wide variety of IoT scenarios. Xidas edge solutions combine intelligence, zero-power (energy harvesting), sensor fusion and integration.


The possibilities are endless for your vision. Leveraging our unique microfabrication processes, design methodologies, and biocompatible materials, the Xidas team develops

innovative commercializable medical devices and life-science products. Our products enable tomorrow’s medical implants, minimally invasive procedures, wearables, drug delivery, health infrastructure, cosmeceuticals, agriculture and livestock applications.


Xidas provides industry-first products and technologies to our industrial customers, leveraging a technology toolbox that includes precision manufacturing methods, micro-sensors, micro-actuators, 3D micro-structures, and materials.


Our customer’s applications include robotics, telecommunications, manufacturing, aerospace and defense, which need to cost-effectively miniaturize precision industrial components.