Explore Xidas’s New Approach To Everlasting Power in New White Paper

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DEC 15 2020

The most anticipated company in the Iot Industry, ‘Xidas IoT’ , has released a  white paper on the ecosystem of power solutions for wireless IoT sensors. Powering wireless sensors, due to short battery lifetimes, continues to be a large limiting factor in implementing IoT applications. The following white paper in particular highlights the issue of supplying power in a scalable, sizable, and cost-effective way as well as explores the current state of batteries, energy harvesting and other relevant technologies. 





Leading sensor manufacturers have all started introducing wireless versions (battery-powered) of their sensors. Additionally, new IoT companies are emerging that leverage advances in MEMS transducers and couple them with edge intelligence and big data analytics to provide application specific solutions. All these wireless devices must balance what the edge device does with how much power capacity the battery can provide.  Wireless sensor lifetime, or battery lifetime becomes the most critical selling criteria for the Wireless IoT products, particularly for industrial or B2B applications, as the cost and headache of replacing batteries is substantial. 


“Here at Xidas, we have spent the last few years dissecting the needs and requirements of the IoT industry - extending battery life remains to be on the top of the list of problems to solve.” says Sourabh Dhillon, Director of Business Development. “We aim to assist the industry in pushing towards autonomous, wireless products that you can ‘fit and forget’, both with our expertise as well as our novel smart sensor, battery, and energy harvesting solutions!”


This white paper follow’s Xidas’ recent release of the Vibration Perpetual Power Pod, a proprietary energy harvesting technology that provides everlasting power for wireless sensors. Work with Xidas today and get this technology integrated with your wireless sensors. Offer customers a solution that doesn’t require expensive and tedious battery replacements every 1-2 years. To learn more now and to download the white paper,  please visit www.xidasiot.com/whitepapers or contact Sourabh Dhillon at sdhillon@xidas.com


About Xidas Iot


Xidas IoT leverages its breakthrough patented technologies and multi-disciplinary expertise to design and produce edge solutions that combine intelligence, zero-power (energy harvesting), sensor fusion and integration. With decades of 3D manufacturing and micro-engineering breakthroughs and deep expertise on industry, Xidas is a proud partner of the US National Science Foundation for IoT innovation. The company was one of five to testify in front of US Congress on the value of IoT technologies. Our products are first of their kind and shatter the conventional limitations that hold back the potential of a society powered by IoT. To learn more, please visit www.xidasiot.com or contact Sourabh Dhillon at sdhillon@xidas.com