is bigger than ever

The need is big. Many industries today have a need for advanced, ultra-miniaturized products that currently don’t exist. Our passion is to provide next generation micro-products that bring our customer’s visions to life.


Xidas uses a new multi-patented miniaturization paradigm that combines unique manufacturing technologies, design methodologies, and diverse materials processing called Amalga™ to produce micro-scale solutions for industrial, life-tech and IoT applications that were

once impossible.


a new miniaturization paradigm

Conducting new product research and development and custom manufacturing of ultra-small and micro-3D precision sensors and actuators to your order and specification. Moving micro-fabrication beyond the limits of semiconductor-style processing to true heterogeneous integration at the microscale. Xidas can produce microscopic devices and systems that were previously impossible to build. With Amalga™, the possibilities are staggering.  



Fifteen years ago, Prof. Mark Bachman spent years developing and designing micro-devices at the University of California Irvine, using MEMS semiconductor technology. Dr. Bachman was frustrated, he could not make many of the products requested by industry: 3D micro-devices that used specialty materials and complex assemblies, for applications such as biomedical implants and industrial sensing.


Leveraging over $20 Million of funding from government and commercial grants, Prof. Bachman led a research effort developing a new form of micro-manufacturing, one that could demonstrate dozens of different types of highly functional, complex, 3D micro-devices that can not be produced by semiconductor-style processing, nor by precision manufacturing alone.

In 2015 Integra Devices was formed to commercialize this technology. Now Xidas, the company stands out as the new face of miniaturization, creating neXt-generation Integrated Devices And Systems for IoT, industrial, and med-tech industries.

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management team


Mark Bachman


  • Experienced leader and innovator

  • 20 years of experience in microfluidics, sensors, and microelectronics, co-founder of UC Irvine’s MEMS facilities.

  • Faculty at UC Irvine, EECS, BME, Advanced manufacturing. IoT evangelists and leader at UCI

  • Successful track record for university commercialization

  • Primary inventor of 20 key integrated micro-devices and materials patents


Philip Duncan

VP Operations

  • Doctorate in biomedical engineering

  • Expert in microfluidics and micro-scale medical technology

  • 5+ years of Business Development and Engineering development at medical device startups


David Ambrose

Director of Engineering

  • Ph.D. in experimental particle physics.

  • Operations Manager for the Collider Detector at Fermilab.

  • Senior Scientist with Nalco's Automation Research and Development.

  • 30 years of experience in specialized sensors, automated controls, and wireless Internet-of-Things applications.

small focus
big expertise.

Xidas has a seasoned interdisciplinary team of scientists and engineers with skills in physics, materials science, advanced manufacturing, processing, electrical, mechanical, and biomedical technology. This team has mastered Amalga™, the Xidas approach

to miniaturization, and are uniquely capable of designing, developing, and manufacturing advanced micro-products for our customers.

our method
for innovation.

Xidas wants to be your partner in developing next generation, advanced microdevices and microsystems, from concept to scalable production.

The xidas process for project innovation, design, and production