Integra Devices Revolutionizes Miniaturization


Mar 22 2018

Irvine, California: Over the past few decades, current miniaturization technologies, “MEMS” and micromachining, have only been able to miniaturize less than 10% of the electro-mechanical device marketplace. Such devices include sensors, actuators, relays, and larger machined components that are instrumental in interfacing to the real world. For the first time in 30 years, Integra Devices transforms this marketplace by offering a disruptive, new manufacturing platform (AMALGA™) for the miniaturization of these devices.


With this new manufacturing paradigm for miniaturization, Integra offers a new breed of micro-electromechanical products that quite simply could not be built before. From miniaturized microwave/mm-wave devices to perpetual batteries and zero-power, wireless sensors, Integra’s suite of solutions truly enable multiple emerging industries. The Internet of Things, 5G telecommunications, and biotechnology all require smaller, more cost-effective solutions.


AMALGA™ is the result of over 15 years of research at one of the largest micro-fabrication labs at the University of California, Irvine. Over $20 million of funding from government agencies and industry players such as DARPA, Samsung, Texas Instruments, and more fueled this innovation with the intent to change the way micro-devices are built


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Integra Devices is a next-generation industrial component company that provides a new breed of micro-devices for high value markets such as telecom, aerospace, manufacturing, and medicine.


Through a powerful new manufacturing paradigm (Amalga™), Integra has surpassed the limitations of current micro-manufacturing, allowing the production of products that could not have been built before.