Integra Devices Launches Industry's First Embedded Relay Program, Enabling Customers to Design Microwave Relays Directly Within Their Substrates


Apr 4 2017

Integra devices has just released their latest program allowing for customers to design and develop their printed circuit boards with the ability to embedded micro-relays within the substrate.

With this program, customers can build systems with the highest level of integration and miniaturization. Since the relays are inside the substrate, and within the signal path, it provides more real estate on top of the board for additional components (i.e. filters), while providing optimal linearity and loss.

“We are extremely excited to work with companies and take their products and solutions to the next level with our technology.” Says Paul Dhillon, CEO of Integra Devices. “For markets like aerospace & defense and test & measurement striving for higher density, higher performance solutions, this program is an ideal opportunity”.


For customers interested in participating in the embedded relay program, please contact Sourabh Dhillon at (949) 945-8542 or


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